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Select Teachers to Bergen Confucius College for 2017-2018

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To promote the culture and education exchange, and strengthen the work of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Bergen Confucius College, BSU select 3 teachers to Bergen Confucius College for 2017-2018. The candidates need to attend tests of the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban).

Application requirements
1.    He/she shall have Chinese nationality, be physically and mentally healthy, at the age younger than 58 years;
2.    He/she shall be decent and well-behaved, and have no criminal negligence record;
3.    He/she shall love to popularize Chinese language to other countries, have strong senses of mission, glory, and responsibility and be conscientious and meticulous in work. Self-discipline and devotion are much desired;
4.    He/she shall be competent in teaching, administration and coordination;
5.    He/she shall be capable to adapt and communicate against the cross-cultural background;
6.    He/she shall have foreign language proficiency, and be capable of skillfully using English or the native language for teaching and communication;
7.    7. He/she shall have Chinese Putonghua proficiency with standard Putonghua pronunciation and the Mandarin test result shall be above Band Two;
8.    He/she shall have a teaching history longer than 2 years and an academic diploma above bachelor degree, and be the teacher in service at university, middle or primary school engaging in the subjects of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, or teaching Chinese language, foreign language, or pedagogy. Experience of teaching Chinese as foreign language or that in other countries shall be a plus.
9.    Those that satisfy the requirements on the teaching post for the government-sponsored teachers.
Two years.
Registration Process
Fill the application form in, send to the email: before April 23, 2017.
Contact person: Ms. Zhang Xiao
Tel: 62989341